About Enthuse and Inspire

Enthuse and Inspire, is a blogging soapbox for tech professionals and students to write posts about tech or practices they wish to enthuse about or simply something that they wish to Inspire the next generation about.

Enthuse and Inspire has been developed to fill a niche in the blogging world. Very few blogging sites exist that are truly aimed at the novice in any tech field. Most blogs have either matured or simply start at a level that is too high for entrants to the field.

Encouraging others to give something a try can be almost as rewarding as trying something new for yourself. If you have never written a blog before, give it a go and send us your post. All we ask is that you are almost evangelical about your topic or your post will be aimed at getting others to give your tech or tutorial a go. If your idea cannot be picked-up/understood by absolute novices then why not write a series of posts, each advancing on the other?

If you would like to write a post for EI please read more here. If you would like to present at one of our events please read more on the events page.