Write for Enthuse and Inspire

Are you passionate about the web or the technologies and processes to create its content and sites? If so why not write a post for us.

Enthuse and inspire was developed to provide a platform for the experienced developers out there to enthuse about something they are interested in and hopefully to inspire new junior developers or students. Providing a post/tutorial or a series of tutorials helps to build confidence in the next generation of developer and with the industry growing so fast and in many different directions, it is essential that novices be exposed to as much and differing content, methodologies or processes as possible.

who can write for us?

We want people from all levels of experience to come and write for us. Obviously, we need experts (people who have worked in the industry for a while) to produce posts that help grow the user base and build confidence in the quality of the content. We also want to provide a platform for the newbies to the industry who want to share or give back and to write about their experiences. So, in reality, we want you!

you can be: * A senior developer * A product manager * A tester * A junior * University alumni * A university students * an interested part time developer

Work for a company and want to plug them?

We are open to posts from employees of companies who allow them time to create content that helps teach the new entrants to the industry, and as such we understand that businesses need to get something back as a reward for that time. So if you wish to add the companies logo and links to the business to the post feel free. You will need to ensure that we have consent to use the imagery before the post will go live.

Using company names and imagery from well-known businesses can instill a confidence in the reader and so we encourage this type of promotion.

What will do not allow are posts that are nothing more than a product or service promotion. if there is nothing to be learned by our main audience, then the post will not be placed live.

If you feel like you have what it takes to write for us then get in touch on posts@enthuseandinspire.co.uk letting us know what you would like to discuss and your estimated time frame for delivery.